A list of my current projects:

In Progress
  • Laptop Rebuild - upgrading SSD and installing Linux distro (Ubuntu/Mint) for a dual-boot OS.
  • Rebuilds of old laptops and mobiles to sell or donate.
On Hold
  • OneNoteToMarkdown - A tool to convert OneNote pages into Markdown format.
  • Jobs Feed - an RSS feed of job vacancies for developers working in Northern Ireland.
  • Shelfari File Converter -  a simple console application to convert the inconsistently quoted Shelfari export CSV file into a valid .xlsx file. See this blog post for details: - Shelfari.
  • Base Console Application - a base console application I use to build useful command line tools and for proof-of-concepts. This base project includes logging, command line parsing and strongly typed configuration values. See this blog post for details - A Base .NET Console Application.