29 Mar 2020

10 Years of Blogging

Ten years ago today, I posted for the first time on this blog. At the time, I had given my resignation in my job and had some free time while working my notice. So instead of working for my employer, I decided to do something for myself, and this blog was born.

My first article was on Turing machines. My second was about my new job. The third detailed why I was blogging and what I hoped to blog about - which was really about my side projects and anything technical that jumped out at me. I then started a weekly round-up of links useful to developers, focusing on the .NET space, but also including local developer events and job postings. The weekly roundup died after 4 months, but while posting that, I was also blogging about TV, random technical topics. I blogged a few times on scripting on PowerShell (my most popular post is from 2012, and is on calling other programs from PowerShell).

Over the past few years, I have been blogging less frequently (job and family life have been eating up all my time), but I managed to write a long series on SharePoint Development that I'm quite proud of. Though looking back and reading it now, I should have edited ruthlessly down to just 2-3 articles. I have also written a few personal posts over the past 10 years. Altogether, I have posted 106 times. Amazingly, there are people out there who take the time to read my nonsense.

This blog started because I had some free time and wanted to do something for myself. Ten years later, as I write this at home with my family, we are self-isolating in the middle of a global pandemic. I have some time again for myself, in a way I haven't in a long time. I want to do something for myself - I want to write again, and learn with some side projects. I already have a few draft posts ready to publish. But more importantly, I'm looking at my blog, and realising that I need to invest in it. It is looking tired - I need to move it off Blogger, and onto a new platform that will allow me to do more with it. Here's looking to another 10 years of blogging. And thank you for reading.