21 Jul 2021

Organising My Photo Backups

For the last few years, I have been taking regular backups of the various iOS devices around the house. As well as using iTunes, I have taken backups of the photos stored on the device directly. Over time, these photos backups have built up, until I took some time last week to finally organise them.

I wrote the PowerShell script below to process the backup photos by:

  • Checking if a photo with the same file hash exists; if it does, I ignore the duplicate file
  • I rename the photo to the date and time it was taken, along with the photo resolution, and then move it to the target directory

There are numerous examples of similar scripts out there, so this is nothing special. It could do with being optimised further, and I need to look into assigning a frame resolution for videos. But it took just two hours to put together, and ended up saving me 60 GB of disk space, so it was time well spent.