31 Mar 2010

Moving On…

Yesterday was my last day working at Fujitsu Services.  After 3 years working with Fujitsu as a developer, it was time to move on.  Which is why I jumped when Parity Solutions offered me a position as a Senior Support Application Developer (henceforth known as ‘Saddo’).

To the great friends and colleagues that I leave behind in Fujitsu, I hope things work out for you.  Given that Norn Iron is an extremely small place, we will probably end up working together again soon!

For those of you about to leave your current job, check out this checklist from Scott Hanselman.  Those of you who are looking to leave your current job, Parity are currently recruiting for their new Centre of Excellence in Belfast.

29 Mar 2010

Alan Turing and The Lego of Doom

It seems only fitting that my first blog post should hark back to the founder of modern computer science, Alan Turing. I I came across this article in the Spectrum magazine that highlighted Mike Davey's DIY Turing machine.   The Spectrum article includes a video showing his Turing machine in action:

It is a simply amazing piece of hardware, and a great help in visualizing what Turing had in mind when he wrote his seminal Computer Science paper.  Though I still prefer the Lego of Doom version: