8 Apr 2010

Why I’m Blogging…

Sorry for the delay in posting again.  I spent the Easter weekend visiting friends in Sheffield, and had a great time catching up with them. But now that I’m back, I thought it would be useful to set out the reasons why I’m blogging, and what I hope to do with the  blog over the next few months.
The main reasons I’m blogging are:
  • To market myself.  This blog will be a body of work on the topics that I’m passionate about.
  • To make me a better communicator! 
  • To expand on my answers to StackOverflow questions.  Quite often, when I get interested in a SO question, there is additional material that doesn’t make it into the answer. I plan on using that material in posts on this blog.
  • To note technical points that are of interest to myself and others.  For instance, you can expect to see a number of posts on developing and configuring SharePoint 2010 over the next few months.
  • To document my own personal projects.
The last point is the most important.  For a while now, I had a number of personal projects that I wanted to start work on, but never seemed to have the time for.  By documenting the projects using this blog, I will publicly committing myself to completing these projects, and will also break up the project work into post sized pieces.

Given the above, I plan to post at least twice weekly to the blog.  The blog posts will in general be one of the following types:

  • A roundup of useful links (every Friday)
  • Articles summarizing work done on personal projects (typically on a Monday or Tuesday, to document work done over the weekend)
    You can also expect to see occasional posts on the following topics:
      • SharePoint 2010
      • Becoming a better developer
      • Useful code snippets

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