21 May 2010

The Weekly Links 6

This is the 6th post in an ongoing series of weekly roundups of links useful to developers.


  • Identity Finder – An article on LifeHacker.com describes this very useful tool. 
  • .NET Framework cleanup and setup verification tools - Aaron Stebner announces the release of new versions of these tools for .NET 4.0.  I didn’t even know that these tools existed within the .NET framework!
  • OpenWrap – Robert Pickering describes on his blog the OpenWrap project, an open source package management system for .NET projects.
  • RAMMap v1.0 – The SysInternals guys have released a new tool to  help you analyze your use of RAM memory.



You can now check out developer events in Northern Ireland using my calendar.  I have further work planned for the calendar, and the format of these posts. 

Events in the coming week include:


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