2 Jan 2015

A Base .NET Console Application

I often use use console applications to put together proof of concepts and demos.  So I was very interested in this base console application from John Atten. However, while John’s console template was built to be interactive, I wanted a simpler base console that I could use as a starting point for any project. 

The source code for the application can be found on GitHub

At the minute, the solution is nothing more than a skeleton application with logging, error handling and strongly typed configuration settings provided.  It also makes use of a command line parsing library to allow easy addition of new commands. 

This is just an initial draft of the base console application. As I’m working on a couple of projects that will make use of this base console application, I’ll update the solution with any improvements I can think of in the next few weeks. I'm also happy to take pull requests, suggestions, and ideas for ways it can be extended.

Also, when developing the solution, I came across a minor issue with the BizArk toolkit, used for the command line parsing. I submitted a patch for the issue (that can be seen here), following these instructions from Scott Hanselman. My first patch to an open source solution!

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