4 Feb 2015

Goals for 2015

2014 was a pretty miserable year for me. I lost my mother due to illness. I spent a large part of the year not working, and I was quite unfit, as I wasn’t running due to a recurring Achilles injury.  I well aware that there are far too many people who are lot worse off, and that I am actually very privileged, but I can’t help but look back at last year with a lot of regret.

2015 will be a much better year.  I am planning to marry my beautiful girlfriend, Mei, in September.  I’ve just started a new role that I’m very excited about, and I’m now starting to run seriously again, after a lot of physiotherapy and exercise to rehabilitate my ankle. 

These are my goals for the year ahead:

  1. To start running again!! Specifically, I want to:
    1. Run 80 miles per month by June.  I’m currently running around 25-30 miles per month, a very low mileage.
    2. Run every Parkrun in NI by the end of the year,  There are currently 19 Parkruns setup in Northern Ireland; I’ll be amazed if there isn’t 20+ by the end of the year.
  2. Get physically fit again!!  Starting to run again is one thing, but I also want to improve my overall fitness.  This will mean:
    1. Achieve a score of 250+ in the Five Minute Fitness Challenge (blog post to come)
    2. To weigh 70Kg at under 15% body fat by December 2015
  3. To develop a non-trivial side project using JavaScript. 
  4. Marry my girlfriend Mei. The most important thing for the year ahead will be my marriage to Mei in September. 

Mei & I

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