19 Jun 2020

What I'm Reading #2


Wolf Hall

Still re-reading...


The mental health crisis looming in ICU

As the UK and Ireland move to relaxing the Coronavirus lockdown (if it can still be said to exist - it certainly doesn't seem to apply anymore in Belfast), Fergus Walsh points out the cost to NHS ICU staff in terms of ther mental health.

As one of Oxford's few black professors, let me tell you why I care about Rhodes

Given the news that the Cecil Rhodes statue may be removed from Oriel College, Simukai Chigudu details why the status is seen as offensive.

The RuboCop Name Drama Redux

The renewed focus on the Rhodes and other statues came about in the aftermath of the George Floyd protests. Similarly, there has been a look at the use of possibly offensive terminology in open source projects. This post details one attempt to rename the RuboCop project that went badly wrong. See also Tim Riley's write-up of this incident.

How I Became a Better Programmer

James Long details how he become a better programmer. His key points are to experiment with different languages, and to learn from others.

Robot Pedantry, Human Empathy

Mike McQuaid, who leads the Homebrew open source project, details how they automated as much of the contribution pipeline as possible, to allow team members to focus on interacting with humans rather than code.

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