Race Results

My road running results are as follows:
Year Date Race Distance (miles) Finish Time (hh:mm:ss) Chip Time (hh:mm:ss) Average Pace (mm:ss) Comments
04/06/2016Parkrun (Waterworks)3.100:22:03- 07:07Good pace. A competitive run!
13/05/2016Les Jones 10K6.200:44:5400:44:4807:14Tough race; paced with a few club runners
30/04/2016Parkrun (Ormeau Park)3.100:23:42- 07:39
10/04/2016Titanic Quarter 10Km6.200:48:5500:48:1807:47
02/04/2016Parkrun (Waterworks)3.100:23:36- 07:37
13/03/2016Addiction 10K6.200:48:10- 07:46
10/01/2015Parkrun (Ecos)3.100:24:32- 07:55
15/02/2014Parkrun (Portrush)3.100:21:33- 06:57
04/01/2014Parkrun (Portrush)3.100:24:53- 08:02Blew up just past midway point
20/07/2013Kennedy Kane McArthur 10K6.200:44:36- 07:12Very hot and hilly race. Picked up a severe Achilles injury due to this race
27/06/2013Jude Gallagher 10 Mile Race1001:10:01- 07:00
23/06/2013Great North 10K (Newcastle)6.200:43:38- 07:02Tough race due to number of runners and the heat!
14/06/2013Antrim Active 5 Mile Race500:33:34- 06:43
08/06/2013Larne Half Marathon13.101:36:53- 07:24Tough race, very hot!
17/05/2013Les Jones 10K5.937500:39:42- 06:41Race was short due to bad marshalling
04/05/2013Portrush Parkrun3.100:20:54- 06:45
21/04/2013Titanic Quarter 10K6.200:42:53- 06:55
16/02/2013Portrush Parkrun3.100:20:13- 06:31
15/09/2012Portrush Parkrun3.100:21:11- 06:50
29/07/2012NFU Mutual 5 Mile Road Race500:35:24- 07:05Ballymoney
28/08/2012Dessie's Run6.200:43:20- 06:59Londonderry
21/07/2012Kennedy Kane McArthur 10K6.200:43:39- 07:02
11/03/2012Addiction 10K6.200:42:10- 06:48
18/02/2012Roe Valley Trail Run500:32:08- 06:26Springwell RC run.
29/07/2011NFU Mutual 5 Mile Road Race500:35:24- 07:05Ballymoney
30/07/2010NFU Mutual 5 Mile Road Race500:33:02- 06:36Ballymoney

Note, you can also check out my athlete profile on the Power of 10 and Run Britain sites.

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