8 Jul 2010

Sons of Anarchy… In Belfast?

I recently started watching Sons of Anarchy, an American TV series, after my brother sang its praises for the past few months.  I think it is also currently showing on terrestrial TV here in the UK as well. 

Unbelievably, they will be filming in Belfast for the third season of the show, and are looking to cast lookalikes for the leading characters in the series.   Check out the full story here.  If you haven’t been following the show, the bikers finance themselves with some gunrunning on the side, and have links to an IRA offshoot, blah, blah.  It says something for the quality of the show that despite a tenuous grasp of the realities in Norn Iron, and some very dodgy Irish accents (ah, begorrah!), I still enjoy watching the SOA.

Thanks to Paddy for the heads up!

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