9 Jul 2010

The Weekly Links 10

This is the 10th post in an ongoing series of weekly roundups of links useful to developers.


  • WebSharper – A web development framework based on F#.  Yes, a functional programming language.  Absolutely insane. The standard version is a free download.
  • WebMatrix – Scott Guthrie announces the release of a new light-weight web development platform from Microsoft.
  • Scripting Toolkit ISO – SAPIEN Technologies has released a free “Scripting Toolkit” CD that contains copies of all of their free tools, trial versions of their paid applications, samples of ebooks and training videos.
  • Knockout – A UI Library for JavaScript.
  • Microsoft Download Centre – Get email notifications of all the recent releases from Microsoft.  Link courtesy of Simon.



You can now check out developer events in Northern Ireland using my calendar.

It is obviously the summer, as there are NO local events in the coming week.

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  1. I'm not quite adept in F# but know a basic codes in programming with the language. I'd try to get websharp and re-learn it. Thanks for this great list.

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