25 Aug 2011

Coding in the Cloud - Online IDEs

Coding in the Clouds - Online IDEs
The company I work for, Parity, has recently revitalised the company blogs.  As part of this, I've recently written a series of posts looking at the advent of online IDEs.  Check out the blog series at blogs.parity.net/archives/category/cloud-computing.

Update - 28/08/2011
I have written a whitepaper that summarizes the conclusions from the blog series. It is now available from the Parity website (registration required):


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  1. Cool articles mate. I was actually planning to look into this very thing right when you ended up doing the work for me so cheers for that. :) Liking the look and sound of Kodingen and Orion. Looks like Orion would be the way to go but it doesn't support PHP yet. Seems there was a GSoC project to implement this though? That'd be cool.

    I do take your point though. This will probably end up being an enhancement to an existing product rather than a viable replacement. It'll probably become to IDE's what Office 365 is to word processing. Still, worth exploring for now. Instant, remote access to your codebase could only be a good thing.


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