18 Oct 2011

Tech City Talks

For those interested in my previous post about teaching programming, the Guardian Tech Podcast team’s first talk in their Tech City Talks series is on skills and education.  The panel includes David Willetts MP (Minister of State for Universities and Science), Prof Jeff Magee (Principal of the Faculty of Engineering at Imperial College), Dan Crow (CTO, Songkick) and Emma Mulqueeny (Rewired State and Young Rewired State).

librarian and student

The podcast gives a great overview on the current (dire) state of how programming is  (not) taught in our schools, and what is being done, and still needs to be done, to rectify this.  I was particularly interested to hear of Emma’s experiences from Young Rewired State.  Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be anything comparable to this in Northern Ireland at the moment – though that may change…

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